Karen Anne Golden - The Cats That 01 - The Cats that Surfed the Web

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$44 million. A Victorian mansion. And a young career woman with cats. The prospect sounded like a dream come true. What could possibly go wrong? How could a friendly town’s welcome turn into a case of poisoning, murder, and deceit? When Katherine “Katz” Kendall, a computer professional in New York City, discovers she’s the sole heir of a huge inheritance, she can’t believe her good fortune. She’s okay with the clauses of the will: Move to the small town of Erie, Indiana, check. Live in her great-aunt’s pink Victorian mansion and take care of an Abyssinian cat, double-check. With her three Siamese cats and best friend Colleen riding shotgun, Katz leaves Manhattan for her new home to find a former housekeeper dead in the basement. Ghostly intrusions convince Colleen, a card carrying “ghost hunter,” that the mansion is haunted. Several townspeople are furious because Katherine’s benefactor promised them the fortune, then changed her will at the last minute. But who would be greedy enough to get rid of the rightful heir to take the money and run? Four adventurous felines help Katz solve the crimes by mysteriously “searching” the Internet for clues.
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